Pass The Penguin is a unique user-driven platform that offers an easy and fun way to earn cash. With just three simple steps, you can get in on the action and start earning in no time. Sign up, share, and earn—IT'S THAT SIMPLE! 

Read on to find out how you can join today!

Essential Steps to Kickstart

Tell, Don't Sell

  • Step 1: Sign Up

    • For only $9.99, seize the opportunity to unlock your own exclusive link and dive into your personalized dashboard. Keep tabs on your earning progress and watch it grow!
  • Step 2: Share

    • Invite your friends, family, and connections to join in by sharing your link with them!

  • Step 3: Earn

    • Earn $4.50 for each sign-up!
    • Additionally, those who sign up using your link will get the same chance to earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Pass The Penguin?

  • Pass The Penguin is an easy way to 1.) make extra money for those only interested in that portion and 2.) start your affiliate marketing journey.
  • As our network of brand partners grows and expands, you'll have more opportunities and access to affiliate offers, all seamlessly managed through your Pass The Penguin account.

How do I sign-up and what happens after?

  • You can sign up above, using the 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy it Now' button on
  1. After completing billing prompts, you will receive a confirmation email at the address used for sign-up
  2. Check your inbox and junk mail to locate the order confirmation email from Pass The Penguin
  3. In this email, select the "Click Here to Finish Signing Up" button
  4. This will take you to your dashboard creation page. When filled out, select 'Apply'
  5. You will receive a "Your application has been received' email that will ask you to verify your email address
  6. When verified you will receive a "You have been approved by Pass The Penguin" email
  7. Follow the link in this email to set up your password, activate your account and receive your link to start!

How much do I earn from each sign up?

  • You will earn $4.50 for each connection that signs up using your Penguin link or QR code.
  • Earnings will show up in your Pass The Penguin dashboard.

How do I get paid?

  • Once you have accumulated $10.00 in earnings, you will become eligible for deposits.
  • Each Friday, deposits are made via PayPal.

What is The Penguin?

  • "The Penguin" is simply a fun and quirky name for the personalized link you receive when you sign up.